#Sheetal Indise#

Hi, I am doing time travel to meet myself in future, 5 years from today. How exciting!!!

Thanks to my Guru, Deepak Kanakaraju and his internship program DDIP.

Whoa! I am zapped with a lightning speed.

Here I am, Year 2026. Voila!

Now let’s take a sneak peek.

Oh my God! My Version 2 is a highly successful Women Entrepreneur.


I reckon with her ambitious goals since childhood but such a sweeping change in her life in such a short span of time, I believe it must have been an exciting journey.

Let’s see what happened

Six years back, she was working as a Piping Engineer from home since Corona pandemic hit the world. Juggling between work, part time teaching job, a sweet husband and an adorable 7-year-old kid, she still managed to enroll for DDIP program. Apart from creating a passive income she was also thrilled to learn something new that has become a buzz word: Digital Marketing

As her Mentor asked all his mentees to come out of their comfort zone and embrace all awkward moments while taking actions to complete given task, she followed the given tried and tested blueprint with full faith and diligence. She took slow, firm and consistent strides with the ongoing internship program which started showing results within a year.

She became a successful blogger, content writer, podcaster, youtuber, freelancer, author and influencer. Her interest in varied and diverse subjects provided her various platforms to breakthrough different niches. Blogging, Content writing and affiliate marketing on computers and appliances, daily groceries, kids and moms, education and jobs. Podcasting of spiritual and motivational themes. Youtuber for jobs and education. Freelancer for engineering jobs and digital marketing. Author of 2 books. She exhausted every skill she could get hang on and as time permitted till 2 years. These were just grilling years to create a brand name and become an influencer. She knew sooner or later; a time would come when she has to take a long shot and make a mark on society.

As her mentor always emphasized to stick to a single niche that one is passionate about, she chose to build a product that everyone craves for- Health, Wealth and Peace.

With this unique and revolutionary product, she became Billionaire within 3 years of stint and hardship. Amazing!

She is a role model for all especially for women who believe that life is within the closed boundaries of family and their agency. Even other halves are encouraging women to rekindle their passion and strive to achieve their goals in life. After all her success story has beguiled Forbes Magazine and enlisted her in Top 10 Successful Women Entrepreneurs.

Her vision of empowering women through skilling and hiring from all strata and corner of India is successfully being implemented. Her work has already been recognized by the Indian Government but also piqued the curiosity of International Organizations.

She has a paraphernalia of assets worth crores earned till now. About 50% share of which she has already decided to donate to NGO’s dealing with education and health in future. She believes her mission in life is not to amass wealth and worldly things but to utilize her talent and skills for the benefit of others.

Apart from these spectacular achievements, she has a loving and caring family who stood by her side as a rock-solid foundation.

Her interest in music, dance, fitness, books, gardening, etc. gave a room to calm her anxieties and also rejuvenated her to forge ahead.

Version 2 is an awe-inspiring Women and that’s me! Incredible!!!

I would have lingered longer around her but I think my time is up and I need to come back in present time to be her again. But we will meet soon in my newer Version 2. Ciao 😊